PSCI 0456

Int'l Order in the 20th C

International Order in the 20th Century: Theories and Practice
In this seminar we will study the organization of the international system throughout the 20th century, and evaluate some of the key mechanisms by which international relations are supposed to have been ordered: international institutions (like the World Bank), international organizations (like the United Nations), and international regimes (like the international gold standard). Reading both "secondary" and "primary" perspectives on these mechanisms, we will consider their interaction and assess the degree to which the international system was "ordered" in the most recent century. The course will impart to students greater knowledge of the international system's evolution and refine their tools for analyzing international organization. (PSCI 0109 or PSCI 0201 or PSCI 0304 or PSCI 0311 or waiver) 3 hrs. sem. (International Relations and Foreign Policy)/
Political Science
Political Science
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Fall 2011

PSCI0456A-F11 Seminar (Morrison)

Fall 2010

PSCI0456A-F10 Seminar (Morrison)

Fall 2009

PSCI0456A-F09 Seminar (Morrison)

Fall 2008

PSCI0456A-F08 Seminar (Morrison)