PSCI 0438

Political Islam

Political Islam
In this course we will survey the central questions in studies of political Islam, focusing on the emergence of Islam as a political force in the contemporary period. Discussion will center on the following core topics: (1) the nature of political Islam and Islamic interests; (2) how Islamic political movements develop; (3) why Islamic political movements flourish or fail; (4) how Islamic interests are expressed in the political arena; and (5) what types of political systems are most compatible with politicized Islam? These questions will be addressed by looking at the general history of the contemporary Islamic resurgence and by examining case studies on Egypt, Algeria, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, West Africa, and Southeast Asia. 3 hrs. sem. (Comparative Politics)/
Political Science
Political Science
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Spring 2022

PSCI0438A-S22 Seminar (Gumuscu)

Spring 2021

PSCI0438A-S21 Seminar (Gumuscu)

Spring 2020

PSCI0438A-S20 Seminar (Gumuscu)

Fall 2017

PSCI0438A-F17 Seminar (Gumuscu)

Fall 2016

PSCI0438A-F16 Seminar (Gumuscu)

Fall 2015

PSCI0438A-F15 Seminar (Gumuscu)

Fall 2014

PSCI0438A-F14 Seminar (Gumuscu)

Spring 2012

PSCI0438A-S12 Seminar (Mecham)

Fall 2010

PSCI0438A-F10 Seminar (Mecham)

Spring 2007

PSCI0438A-S07 Seminar (Mecham)

Spring 2006

PSCI0438A-S06 Seminar (Mecham)