PSCI 0432

World Trading System

The World Trading System
In this course we will examine the multilateral attempts to have more open, equitable, and predictable trade across borders.  We will focus on principles of non-discrimination through most-favored-nation (MFN) and national treatment, and trade remedies such as antidumping, countervailing duties, and safeguards.  Students will be exposed to debates about free and fair trade, preferential trading agreements, recourse to dispute settlement, and the varied challenges that economies at various stages of development face as they trade with each other.  Readings will be drawn mainly from political science, economics, and international trade law. (PSCI 0109 or PSCI 0304 or PSCI 0340) 3 hrs. sem. (International Relations and Foreign Policy)/
Political Science
Political Science
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Spring 2018

PSCI0432A-S18 Seminar (Grey)