PSCI 0421

American Environ Politics

American Environmental Politics
In this seminar we will examine various aspects of environmental politics in the United States. Topics to be covered include how society seeks to influence environmental policy (through public opinion, voting and interest groups,) and how policy is made through Congress, the executive branch, the courts, collaboration, and through the states. Policy case studies will vary from year to year. Students will write a major research paper on an aspect of U.S. environmental politics. (PSCI/ENVS 0211) 3 hrs. sem. (American Politics)
Political Science
Political Science
Social Sciences
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Spring 2024

PSCI0421A-S24 Seminar (Klyza)

Spring 2022

PSCI0421A-S22 Seminar (Klyza)

Fall 2020

PSCI0421A-F20 Seminar (Klyza)

Spring 2020

PSCI0421A-S20 Seminar (Klyza)

Spring 2019

PSCI0421A-S19 Seminar (Klyza)

Spring 2017

PSCI0421A-S17 Lecture (Klyza)

Spring 2016

PSCI0421A-S16 Lecture (Klyza)

Spring 2015

PSCI0421A-S15 Lecture (Klyza)

Spring 2014

PSCI0421A-S14 Lecture (Klyza)

Spring 2013

PSCI0421A-S13 Lecture (Klyza)

Spring 2012

PSCI0421A-S12 Lecture (Klyza)

Spring 2010

PSCI0421A-S10 Seminar (Klyza)

Spring 2009

PSCI0421A-S09 Seminar (Klyza)

Spring 2008

PSCI0421A-S08 Seminar (Klyza)

Spring 2007

PSCI0421A-S07 Seminar (Klyza)

Spring 2006

PSCI0421A-S06 Seminar (Klyza)

Fall 2003

PSCI0421A-F03 Lecture (Klyza)