PSCI 0392

Insurgency and Security Policy

Insurgency and Security Policy
In the post-Cold War era insurgency is the predominant form of conflict and now tops the list of major security concerns. Understanding the origins and tactics of insurgency in cases around the world in comparative perspective allows students to develop nuanced analyses of how security strategy should be improved to combat emergent non-state threats. How have insurgent tactics evolved in response to changing military, political, technological, and geographical conditions? What are the implications for international intervention and homeland security policy? This course brings Middlebury and Monterey students together in pursuit of this broad policy objective. Note: To align the Middlebury and MIIS schedules, Middlebury students will need to begin their coursework prior to the end of Winter Term, and will need to be available to meet during the course’s non-standard time. 4 hrs. lect./disc. (International Relations and Foreign Policy)/
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Spring 2020

PSCI0392A-S20 Lecture

Spring 2019

PSCI0392A-S19 Lecture (Lewis)

Spring 2018

PSCI0392A-S18 Lecture (Lewis)

Spring 2017

PSCI0392A-S17 Lecture (Lewis)

Spring 2016

PSCI0392A-S16 Lecture (Lewis)

Spring 2015

PSCI0392A-S15 Lecture (Lewis)
PSCI0392Z-S15 Discussion (Lewis)