PSCI 0305

American Constitutional Law

American Constitutional Law: The Federal System
This course examines the development of American constitutionalism through study of Supreme Court decisions. Every major topic but the bill of rights (see PSCI 0306) is covered. Using the Sullivan and Gunther Constitutional Law casebook, we begin with judicial review and then study the development of legal doctrines surrounding the commerce clause, the due process and equal protection clauses of the fourteenth amendment, and the separation of powers. Recent cases focus on affirmative action and federal protection of civil rights. Interpretive books and essays are considered, as time permits. A mock court exercise is anticipated. (Juniors and seniors with PSCI 0102 or PSCI 0104 or PSCI 0306) 3 hrs. lect./disc. (American Politics)/
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Fall 2019

PSCI0305A-F19 Lecture (Dry)

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PSCI0305A-F17 Lecture (Dry)

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PSCI0305A-F15 Lecture (Dry)

Fall 2013

PSCI0305A-F13 Lecture (Dry)

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PSCI0305A-F11 Lecture (Dry)

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Fall 2004

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