PHIL 0156

Contemporary Moral Issues

Contemporary Moral Issues
We will examine a selection of pressing moral problems of our day, seeking to understand the substance of the issues and learning how moral arguments work. We will focus on developing our analytical skills, which we can then use to present and criticize arguments on difficult moral issues. Selected topics may include world poverty, animal rights, abortion, euthanasia, human rights, just and unjust wars, capital punishment, and racial and gender issues. You will be encouraged to question your own beliefs on these issues, and in the process to explore the limit and extent to which ethical theory can play a role in everyday ethical decision making. 2 hrs.lect./1 hr. disc.
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Equivalent Courses:
INTD 0298
INTD 0198
RELI 0298 *
PHIL 0198
PHIL 0206


Spring 2025

PHIL0156A-S25 Lecture
PHIL0156X-S25 Discussion
PHIL0156Y-S25 Discussion
PHIL0156Z-S25 Discussion

Fall 2023

PHIL0156A-F23 Lecture (Viner)
PHIL0156X-F23 Discussion (Viner)
PHIL0156Y-F23 Discussion (Viner)
PHIL0156Z-F23 Discussion (Viner)

Spring 2023

PHIL0156A-S23 Lecture (Viner)
PHIL0156X-S23 Discussion (Viner)
PHIL0156Y-S23 Discussion (Viner)
PHIL0156Z-S23 Discussion (Viner)

Spring 2022

PHIL0156A-S22 Lecture (Viner)
PHIL0156X-S22 Discussion (Viner)
PHIL0156Y-S22 Discussion (Viner)
PHIL0156Z-S22 Discussion (Viner)

Fall 2020

PHIL0156A-F20 Lecture (Besser)
PHIL0156X-F20 Discussion (Besser)
PHIL0156Y-F20 Discussion (Besser)
PHIL0156Z-F20 Discussion (Besser)

Fall 2019

PHIL0156A-F19 Lecture (Besser)
PHIL0156X-F19 Discussion (Besser)
PHIL0156Y-F19 Discussion (Besser)
PHIL0156Z-F19 Discussion (Besser)

Spring 2019

PHIL0156A-S19 Lecture (Viner)
PHIL0156X-S19 Discussion (Viner)
PHIL0156Y-S19 Discussion (Viner)
PHIL0156Z-S19 Discussion (Viner)

Fall 2018

PHIL0156A-F18 Lecture (Besser)
PHIL0156X-F18 Discussion (Besser)
PHIL0156Y-F18 Discussion (Besser)
PHIL0156Z-F18 Discussion (Besser)

Fall 2017

PHIL0156A-F17 Lecture (Fesmire)
PHIL0156X-F17 Discussion (Fesmire)
PHIL0156Y-F17 Discussion (Fesmire)
PHIL0156Z-F17 Discussion (Fesmire)

Spring 2017

PHIL0156A-S17 Lecture (Viner)
PHIL0156X-S17 Discussion (Viner)
PHIL0156Y-S17 Discussion (Viner)
PHIL0156Z-S17 Discussion (Viner)

Fall 2016

PHIL0156A-F16 Lecture (Besser)
PHIL0156X-F16 Discussion (Besser)
PHIL0156Y-F16 Discussion (Besser)
PHIL0156Z-F16 Discussion (Besser)