PHED 0571

Speed, Agility & Quickness

Section B MW 9-10 a.m. in Virtue.
Through drills and technique training, students will develop speed, agility and quickness with the goal of improving performance in any activity or sport.
Physical Education
Physical Education
Physical Education
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2023, PE - Session II

PHED0571B-S23 PE Course (Sinclair)

Spring 2022, PE - Session II

PHED0571B-S22 PE Course (Sinclair)

Spring 2021, PE - Session II

PHED0571B-S21 PE Course (Sinclair)

Spring 2020, PE - Session II

PHED0571A-S20 PE Course (Paquette)
PHED0571B-S20 PE Course (Sinclair)

Spring 2019, PE - Session II

PHED0571A-S19 PE Course (Paquette)
PHED0571B-S19 PE Course (Sinclair)

Spring 2018, PE - Session II

PHED0571A-S18 PE Course (Paquette)
PHED0571B-S18 PE Course (Sinclair)

Spring 2017, PE - Session II

PHED0571A-S17 PE Course (Paquette)
PHED0571B-S17 PE Course (Sinclair)

Spring 2016, PE - Session II

PHED0571A-S16 PE Course (Paquette)

Spring 2015, PE - Session II

PHED0571A-S15 PE Course

Spring 2014, PE - Session II

PHED0571A-S14 PE Course (Johnston-Bloom)

Spring 2013, PE - Session II

PHED0571A-S13 PE Course (Johnston-Bloom)

Spring 2012, PE - Session II

PHED0571A-S12 PE Course (Johnston-Bloom)
PHED0571B-S12 PE Course (Johnston-Bloom)

Spring 2011, PE - Session II

PHED0571A-S11 PE Course (Monninger)

Spring 2010, PE - Session II

PHED0571A-S10 PE Course (Monninger)

Spring 2009, PE - Session II

PHED0571A-S09 PE Course (Monninger)