PGSE 0215

Advanced Portuguese

Advanced Portuguese
This course is a continuation of PGSE 0210. It is designed to balance textual and cultural analysis with a thorough review of grammar at an intermediate/high level. Students will hone their critical thinking and linguistic skills through guided readings, oral discussions, and short written assignments on Lusophone cultural topics. (PGSE 0103 or PGSE 0210 or by waiver) 4 hrs. lect./disc.
Spanish (& Portuguese UG)
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2024

PGSE0215A-S24 Lecture
PGSE0215B-S24 Lecture
PGSE0215X-S24 Drill 1
PGSE0215Y-S24 Drill 1

Spring 2023

PGSE0215A-S23 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215B-S23 Lecture (Rocha)
PGSE0215X-S23 Drill 1 (Ferreira)
PGSE0215Y-S23 Drill 1 (Ferreira)

Spring 2022

PGSE0215A-S22 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215B-S22 Lecture (Rocha)
PGSE0215X-S22 Drill 1 (Guarilha Alves)
PGSE0215Y-S22 Drill 1 (Guarilha Alves)
PGSE0215Z-S22 Drill 1 (Guarilha Alves)

Spring 2021

PGSE0215A-S21 Lecture (Silva, Rocha)

Fall 2020

PGSE0215A-F20 Lecture (Silva)

Spring 2020

PGSE0215A-S20 Lecture (Rocha)
PGSE0215Y-S20 Discussion (Dos Santos Velho)
PGSE0215Z-S20 Discussion (Dos Santos Velho)

Fall 2019

PGSE0215A-F19 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215X-F19 Discussion (Dos Santos Velho)
PGSE0215Y-F19 Discussion (Dos Santos Velho)

Spring 2019

PGSE0215A-S19 Lecture (Silva)
PGSE0215B-S19 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215X-S19 Discussion (Stein)
PGSE0215Y-S19 Discussion (Stein)
PGSE0215Z-S19 Discussion (Stein)

Fall 2018

PGSE0215A-F18 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215X-F18 Discussion (Stein)
PGSE0215Y-F18 Discussion (Stein)

Spring 2018

PGSE0215A-S18 Lecture (Rocha)
PGSE0215B-S18 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215X-S18 Discussion (Stein)
PGSE0215Y-S18 Discussion (Stein)
PGSE0215Z-S18 Discussion (Stein)

Fall 2017

PGSE0215A-F17 Lecture (Hernandez-Romero)
PGSE0215Y-F17 Discussion (Stein)
PGSE0215Z-F17 Discussion (Stein)

Spring 2017

PGSE0215A-S17 Lecture (Silva)
PGSE0215B-S17 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215X-S17 Discussion (Rocha)
PGSE0215Z-S17 Discussion (Rocha)

Fall 2016

PGSE0215A-F16 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215Y-F16 Discussion (Serralha Araujo)
PGSE0215Z-F16 Discussion (Serralha Araujo)

Spring 2016

PGSE0215A-S16 Lecture (Silva)
PGSE0215B-S16 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215X-S16 Discussion (Marchi)
PGSE0215Y-S16 Discussion (Marchi)

Fall 2015

PGSE0215A-F15 Lecture (Rocha)
PGSE0215B-F15 Lecture (Rocha)
PGSE0215Y-F15 Discussion (Marchi)
PGSE0215Z-F15 Discussion (Marchi)

Spring 2015

PGSE0215A-S15 Lecture (Rocha)
PGSE0215B-S15 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215C-S15 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215W-S15 Discussion (Marchi)
PGSE0215X-S15 Discussion (Marchi)
PGSE0215Y-S15 Discussion (Marchi)
PGSE0215Z-S15 Discussion (Marchi)

Spring 2014

PGSE0215A-S14 Lecture (Silva)
PGSE0215B-S14 Lecture (Silva)

Spring 2013

PGSE0215A-S13 Lecture (Freire)
PGSE0215B-S13 Lecture (Freire)

Spring 2012

PGSE0215A-S12 Lecture (Souza)
PGSE0215B-S12 Lecture (Mariano)

Spring 2011

PGSE0215A-S11 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215B-S11 Lecture (Higa)