PGSE 0215

Advanced Portuguese

Advanced Portuguese
This course is a continuation of PGSE 0210. It is designed to balance textual and cultural analysis with a thorough review of grammar at an intermediate/high level. Students will hone their critical thinking and linguistic skills through guided readings, oral discussions, and short written assignments on Lusophone cultural topics. (PGSE 0210 or by waiver) 4 hrs. lect./disc.
Spanish (& Portuguese UG)
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2020

PGSE0215A-S20 Lecture (Rocha)
PGSE0215Y-S20 Discussion (Dos Santos Velho)
PGSE0215Z-S20 Discussion (Dos Santos Velho)

Fall 2019

PGSE0215A-F19 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215X-F19 Discussion (Dos Santos Velho)
PGSE0215Y-F19 Discussion (Dos Santos Velho)

Spring 2019

PGSE0215A-S19 Lecture (Silva)
PGSE0215B-S19 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215X-S19 Discussion (Stein)
PGSE0215Y-S19 Discussion (Stein)
PGSE0215Z-S19 Discussion (Stein)

Fall 2018

PGSE0215A-F18 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215X-F18 Discussion (Stein)
PGSE0215Y-F18 Discussion (Stein)

Spring 2018

PGSE0215A-S18 Lecture (Rocha)
PGSE0215B-S18 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215X-S18 Discussion (Stein)
PGSE0215Y-S18 Discussion (Stein)
PGSE0215Z-S18 Discussion (Stein)

Fall 2017

PGSE0215A-F17 Lecture (Hernandez-Romero)
PGSE0215Y-F17 Discussion (Stein)
PGSE0215Z-F17 Discussion (Stein)

Spring 2017

PGSE0215A-S17 Lecture (Silva)
PGSE0215B-S17 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215X-S17 Discussion (Rocha)
PGSE0215Z-S17 Discussion (Rocha)

Fall 2016

PGSE0215A-F16 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215Y-F16 Discussion (Serralha Araujo)
PGSE0215Z-F16 Discussion (Serralha Araujo)

Spring 2016

PGSE0215A-S16 Lecture (Silva)
PGSE0215B-S16 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215X-S16 Discussion (Marchi)
PGSE0215Y-S16 Discussion (Marchi)

Fall 2015

PGSE0215A-F15 Lecture (Rocha)
PGSE0215B-F15 Lecture (Rocha)
PGSE0215Y-F15 Discussion (Marchi)
PGSE0215Z-F15 Discussion (Marchi)

Spring 2015

PGSE0215A-S15 Lecture (Rocha)
PGSE0215B-S15 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215C-S15 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215W-S15 Discussion (Marchi)
PGSE0215X-S15 Discussion (Marchi)
PGSE0215Y-S15 Discussion (Marchi)
PGSE0215Z-S15 Discussion (Marchi)

Spring 2014

PGSE0215A-S14 Lecture (Silva)
PGSE0215B-S14 Lecture (Silva)

Spring 2013

PGSE0215A-S13 Lecture (Freire)
PGSE0215B-S13 Lecture (Freire)

Spring 2012

PGSE0215A-S12 Lecture (Souza)
PGSE0215B-S12 Lecture (Mariano)

Spring 2011

PGSE0215A-S11 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0215B-S11 Lecture (Higa)