MUSC 0101

Introduction to Music

Introduction to Music
In this course we will develop critical listening skills through guided study of selected works of Western classical, popular, and folk music, as well as a sampling of music from non-Western cultures, from the Middle Ages to the present. Students will learn to listen actively, to identify how music uses basic sound materials— such as rhythm, melody, timbre, texture, and harmony—to create meaning and expression, and to draw connections between music and its social and historical context. Previous musical training is not required.
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Spring 2025

MUSC0101A-S25 Lecture

Spring 2024

MUSC0101A-S24 Lecture (Simon)

Spring 2023

MUSC0101A-S23 Lecture (Hamberlin)

Spring 2022

MUSC0101A-S22 Lecture (Hamberlin)

Spring 2021

MUSC0101A-S21 Lecture (Hamberlin)
MUSC0101X-S21 Discussion (Hamberlin)
MUSC0101Y-S21 Discussion (Hamberlin)
MUSC0101Z-S21 Discussion (Hamberlin)

Fall 2019

MUSC0101A-F19 Lecture (Hamberlin)

Fall 2018

MUSC0101A-F18 Lecture (Hamberlin)

Spring 2018

MUSC0101A-S18 Lecture (Hamberlin)

Spring 2017

MUSC0101A-S17 Lecture (Hamberlin)

Fall 2016

MUSC0101A-F16 Lecture (Vitercik)

Spring 2016

MUSC0101A-S16 Lecture (Hamberlin)

Fall 2015

MUSC0101A-F15 Lecture (Vitercik)

Fall 2014

MUSC0101A-F14 Lecture (Vitercik)
MUSC0101B-F14 Lecture (Hamberlin)

Spring 2014

MUSC0101A-S14 Lecture (Vitercik)
MUSC0101B-S14 Lecture (Vitercik)

Spring 2013

MUSC0101A-S13 Lecture (Hamberlin)

Fall 2011

MUSC0101A-F11 Lecture (Hamberlin)

Spring 2011

MUSC0101A-S11 Lecture (Vitercik)

Spring 2010

MUSC0101A-S10 Lecture (Vitercik)

Fall 2008

MUSC0101A-F08 Lecture (Robison)
MUSC0101B-F08 Lecture (Robison)

Fall 2007

MUSC0101A-F07 Lecture (Hamberlin)
MUSC0101B-F07 Lecture (Hamberlin)
MUSC0101X-F07 Discussion (Hamberlin)
MUSC0101Y-F07 Discussion (Hamberlin)
MUSC0101Z-F07 Discussion (Hamberlin)

Fall 2006

MUSC0101A-F06 Lecture (Vitercik)
MUSC0101B-F06 Lecture (Vitercik)
MUSC0101X-F06 Discussion (Vitercik)
MUSC0101Y-F06 Discussion (Vitercik)
MUSC0101Z-F06 Discussion (Vitercik)

Fall 2005

MUSC0101A-F05 Lecture (Hamberlin)
MUSC0101X-F05 Discussion (Hamberlin)
MUSC0101Y-F05 Discussion (Hamberlin)
MUSC0101Z-F05 Discussion (Hamberlin)

Fall 2004

MUSC0101A-F04 Lecture (Vitercik)
MUSC0101W-F04 Discussion
MUSC0101X-F04 Discussion (Vitercik)
MUSC0101Y-F04 Discussion (Vitercik)
MUSC0101Z-F04 Discussion (Vitercik)

Fall 2003

MUSC0101A-F03 Lecture (Moore)
MUSC0101W-F03 Discussion (Moore)
MUSC0101X-F03 Discussion (Moore)
MUSC0101Y-F03 Discussion (Moore)
MUSC0101Z-F03 Discussion (Moore)