MATH 0225

Topics in Linear Alg & Diff Eq

Topics in Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
Topics may include diagonalization of matrices, quadratic forms, inner product spaces, canonical forms, the spectral theorem, positive matrices, the Cayley-Hamilton theorem, ordinary differential equations of arbitrary order, systems of first-order differential equations, power series, and eigenvalue methods of solution, applications. (MATH 0200 or by waiver) 3 hrs. lect./disc.
Natural Sciences
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Spring 2021

MATH0225A-S21 Lecture (Crodelle)

Fall 2020

MATH0225A-F20 Lecture (Crodelle)

Spring 2020

MATH0225A-S20 Lecture (Olinick, Weiss)

Fall 2019

MATH0225A-F19 Lecture (Olinick)

Spring 2019

MATH0225A-S19 Lecture (Kubacki)

Fall 2018

MATH0225A-F18 Lecture (Olinick)

Spring 2018

MATH0225A-S18 Lecture (Olinick)

Spring 2017

MATH0225A-S17 Lecture (Olinick)

Fall 2015

MATH0225A-F15 Lecture (Kubacki)

Fall 2014

MATH0225A-F14 Lecture (Kubacki)

Fall 2013

MATH0225A-F13 Lecture (Olinick)

Spring 2013

MATH0225A-S13 Lecture (Dorman)

Spring 2012

MATH0225A-S12 Lecture (Dorman)

Spring 2011

MATH0225A-S11 Lecture (Olinick)

Spring 2010

MATH0225A-S10 Lecture (Abbott)

Spring 2009

MATH0225A-S09 Lecture (Dorman)

Spring 2008

MATH0225A-S08 Lecture (Schumer)

Spring 2007

MATH0225A-S07 Lecture (Schumer)

Fall 2006

MATH0225A-F06 Lecture (Schumer)

Spring 2006

MATH0225A-S06 Lecture (Peterson)

Fall 2005

MATH0225A-F05 Lecture (Dorman)

Spring 2005

MATH0225A-S05 Lecture (Dorman)

Fall 2004

MATH0225A-F04 Lecture (Dorman)

Spring 2004

MATH0225A-S04 Lecture (Peterson)

Fall 2003

MATH0225A-F03 Lecture (Dorman)