LITS 0700

Senior Comprehensive Exam

Senior Comprehensive Exam
Intended for majors in literary studies preparing for the written section of the senior comprehensive examinations.
Literary Studies
Program in Literary Studies
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:


Winter 2025

LITS0700A-W25 Seminar (Hatjigeorgiou)

Winter 2024

LITS0700A-W24 Seminar (Hatjigeorgiou)

Spring 2023

LITS0700A-S23 Senior Work (Sfyroeras)

Winter 2023

LITS0700A-W23 Seminar (Sfyroeras)

Winter 2022

LITS0700A-W22 Seminar (Hatjigeorgiou)

Winter 2021

LITS0700A-W21 Seminar (Sfyroeras)

Winter 2020

LITS0700A-W20 Seminar (Sfyroeras)

Winter 2019

LITS0700A-W19 Seminar (Bertolini)

Winter 2018

LITS0700A-W18 Seminar (Donadio)

Winter 2017

LITS0700A-W17 Seminar (Bertolini)

Winter 2016

LITS0700A-W16 Seminar (Bertolini)

Winter 2015

LITS0700A-W15 Seminar (Donadio)

Winter 2014

LITS0700A-W14 Seminar (Donadio)

Winter 2013

LITS0700A-W13 Independent Study
LITS0700B-W13 Senior Work (Bertolini)

Winter 2012

LITS0700A-W12 Independent Study
LITS0700C-W12 Senior Work (Donadio)

Winter 2011

LITS0700A-W11 Independent Study
LITS0700C-W11 Senior Work (Donadio)

Winter 2010

LITS0700A-W10 Independent Study
LITS0700C-W10 Senior Work (Donadio)

Winter 2009

LITS0700A-W09 Independent Study
LITS0700B-W09 Independent Study (Bertolini)
LITS0700C-W09 Senior Work (Donadio)

Winter 2008

LITS0700A-W08 Independent Study
LITS0700B-W08 Independent Study (Bertolini)
LITS0700C-W08 Senior Work (Donadio)

Winter 2007

LITS0700A-W07 Independent Study
LITS0700B-W07 Independent Study (Bertolini)
LITS0700C-W07 Senior Work (Donadio)

Winter 2006

LITS0700A-W06 Independent Study
LITS0700B-W06 Independent Study (Donadio)

Winter 2005

LITS0700A-W05 Independent Study
LITS0700B-W05 Independent Study (Donadio)

Winter 2004

LITS0700A-W04 Independent Study
LITS0700B-W04 Independent Study (Donadio)