LITP 0101

Intro to World Literature

This course is an introduction to the critical analysis of imaginative literature of the world, the dissemination of themes and myths, and the role of translation as the medium for reaching different cultures. Through the careful reading of selected classic texts from a range of Western and non-Western cultures, students will deepen their understanding and appreciation of the particular texts under consideration, while developing a critical vocabulary with which to discuss and write about these texts, both as unique artistic achievements of individual and empathetic imagination and as works affected by, but also transcending their historical periods. 3 hrs. lect./disc.
Literature Program
Literature Program
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Spring 2011

LITP0101A-S11 Lecture (Graves)
LITP0101B-S11 Lecture (Mula)
LITP0101C-S11 Lecture (Wiebe)
LITP0101X-S11 Discussion

Spring 2010

LITP0101A-S10 Lecture (Russi)
LITP0101B-S10 Lecture (Liebhaber)
LITP0101C-S10 Lecture (McWilliams)
LITP0101X-S10 Discussion

Spring 2009

LITP0101A-S09 Lecture (Xu)
LITP0101B-S09 Lecture (Katz)
LITP0101C-S09 Lecture (Mula)
LITP0101X-S09 Discussion

Spring 2008

LITP0101A-S08 Lecture (Russi)
LITP0101B-S08 Lecture (Chang)
LITP0101C-S08 Lecture (Berg)
LITP0101X-S08 Discussion

Spring 2007

LITP0101A-S07 Lecture (Mula)
LITP0101B-S07 Lecture (Hatjigeorgiou)
LITP0101X-S07 Discussion

Fall 2006

LITP0101A-F06 Lecture (Brayton)
LITP0101B-F06 Lecture
LITP0101C-F06 Lecture (McWilliams)
LITP0101Z-F06 Discussion

Spring 2006

LITP0101A-S06 Lecture (Wiebe)
LITP0101B-S06 Lecture (Mula)
LITP0101C-S06 Lecture (Snyder)
LITP0101X-S06 Discussion

Fall 2005

LITP0101A-F05 Lecture (Millier)
LITP0101B-F05 Lecture (Brayton)
LITP0101C-F05 Lecture (Chang)
LITP0101Z-F05 Discussion

Spring 2005

LITP0101A-S05 Lecture (McWilliams)
LITP0101B-S05 Lecture (Moran)
LITP0101C-S05 Lecture (Billings)
LITP0101D-S05 Lecture (Mula)
LITP0101E-S05 Lecture (Katz)
LITP0101X-S05 Discussion

Fall 2004

LITP0101A-F04 Lecture (Brayton)
LITP0101B-F04 Lecture (Cassarino)
LITP0101C-F04 Lecture (Wells)
LITP0101D-F04 Lecture (Newbury)
LITP0101F-F04 Lecture (Millier)
LITP0101Z-F04 Discussion

Spring 2004

LITP0101A-S04 Lecture (Van Order)
LITP0101B-S04 Lecture (Xu)
LITP0101C-S04 Lecture (Bertolini)
LITP0101D-S04 Lecture (Elder)
LITP0101E-S04 Lecture (Evans)

Fall 2003

LITP0101A-F03 Lecture (Millier)
LITP0101C-F03 Lecture (Baldridge)
LITP0101D-F03 Lecture (Brayton)
LITP0101E-F03 Lecture (Billings)