ITAL 0101

Beginning Italian

Beginning Italian
This course is an introduction to the Italian language that provides a foundation in both spoken and written Italian. Focus on the spoken language encourages rapid mastery of the basic structures and vocabulary of contemporary Italian. The exclusive use of Italian in dialogue situations and vocabulary building encourages the student to develop skills in a personalized context. Conversation and drill are stimulated and fostered through active reference to popular Italian music, authentic props, and slides of Italian everyday life and culture. Students are required to participate in the Italian table. 6 hrs. disc./perf.; 2 hrs. screen
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Fall 2024

ITAL0101A-F24 Lecture
ITAL0101B-F24 Lecture

Fall 2023

ITAL0101A-F23 Lecture (Van Order)
ITAL0101B-F23 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0101C-F23 Lecture (Carletti)

Fall 2022

ITAL0101A-F22 Lecture (Zupan)
ITAL0101B-F22 Lecture (Carletti)
ITAL0101C-F22 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)

Fall 2021

ITAL0101A-F21 Lecture (Van Order)
ITAL0101B-F21 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0101D-F21 Lecture

Fall 2020

ITAL0101A-F20 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0101B-F20 Lecture (Mula)
ITAL0101C-F20 Lecture (Zupan)
ITAL0101Y-F20 Drill 1 (Mula)
ITAL0101Z-F20 Drill 1 (Mula)

Fall 2019

ITAL0101A-F19 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0101B-F19 Lecture (Mula)
ITAL0101C-F19 Lecture (Van Order)

Fall 2018

ITAL0101A-F18 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0101B-F18 Lecture (Mula)
ITAL0101C-F18 Lecture (Carletti)

Fall 2017

ITAL0101A-F17 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0101B-F17 Lecture (Van Order)
ITAL0101C-F17 Lecture (Mula, Brancoli Busdraghi, Carletti, Van Order)

Fall 2016

ITAL0101A-F16 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0101B-F16 Lecture (Mula)

Fall 2015

ITAL0101A-F15 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0101B-F15 Lecture (Sarti)
ITAL0101Z-F15 Screening (Brancoli Busdraghi)

Fall 2014

ITAL0101A-F14 Lecture (Sarti)
ITAL0101B-F14 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0101Z-F14 Screening (Brancoli Busdraghi)

Fall 2013

ITAL0101A-F13 Lecture (Barashkov)
ITAL0101B-F13 Lecture (Mula)
ITAL0101C-F13 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0101Z-F13 Screening (Brancoli Busdraghi)

Fall 2012

ITAL0101A-F12 Lecture (Mula)
ITAL0101B-F12 Lecture (Sarti)
ITAL0101C-F12 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0101Z-F12 Screening (Sarti)

Fall 2011

ITAL0101A-F11 Lecture (Van Order)
ITAL0101B-F11 Lecture (Van Order)
ITAL0101C-F11 Lecture (Barashkov)
ITAL0101D-F11 Lecture (Barashkov)
ITAL0101Z-F11 Screening (Van Order)

Fall 2010

ITAL0101A-F10 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0101B-F10 Lecture (Mula)
ITAL0101C-F10 Lecture (Zupan)
ITAL0101Z-F10 Screening (Chang)

Winter 2010

ITAL0101A-W10 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)

Fall 2009

ITAL0101A-F09 Lecture (Barashkov)
ITAL0101B-F09 Lecture (Chang)
ITAL0101C-F09 Lecture (Van Order)
ITAL0101Z-F09 Screening (Chang)

Winter 2009

ITAL0101A-W09 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)

Fall 2008

ITAL0101A-F08 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0101B-F08 Lecture (Chang)
ITAL0101C-F08 Lecture (Barashkov)
ITAL0101D-F08 Lecture (Mula)
ITAL0101E-F08 Lecture (Carletti)
ITAL0101Z-F08 Screening (Brancoli Busdraghi)

Winter 2008

ITAL0101A-W08 Lecture (Van Order)

Fall 2007

ITAL0101A-F07 Lecture (Spani)
ITAL0101B-F07 Lecture (Chang)
ITAL0101C-F07 Lecture (Van Order)
ITAL0101D-F07 Lecture (Mula)
ITAL0101E-F07 Lecture (Carletti)
ITAL0101Z-F07 Screening

Winter 2007

ITAL0101A-W07 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)

Fall 2006

ITAL0101A-F06 Lecture (Zupan)
ITAL0101B-F06 Lecture (Mula)
ITAL0101C-F06 Lecture (Carlorosi)
ITAL0101D-F06 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0101E-F06 Lecture (Marini Maio, Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0101F-F06 Lecture (Carletti)
ITAL0101Z-F06 Screening

Fall 2005

ITAL0101A-F05 Lecture (Marini Maio)
ITAL0101B-F05 Lecture (Van Order)
ITAL0101C-F05 Lecture (Mula)
ITAL0101D-F05 Lecture (Skubikowski)
ITAL0101E-F05 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0101F-F05 Lecture (Carletti)
ITAL0101Z-F05 Screening

Fall 2004

ITAL0101A-F04 Lecture (Mula)
ITAL0101B-F04 Lecture (Mula)
ITAL0101C-F04 Lecture (Chang)
ITAL0101D-F04 Lecture (Van Order)
ITAL0101E-F04 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0101F-F04 Lecture (Carletti)

Fall 2003

ITAL0101A-F03 Lecture (Zupan)
ITAL0101B-F03 Lecture (Castronuovo)
ITAL0101C-F03 Lecture (Skubikowski)
ITAL0101D-F03 Lecture (Brancoli Busdraghi)
ITAL0101E-F03 Lecture (Chang)
ITAL0101F-F03 Lecture (Mula)