INTD 1074

MiddCORE 2024

MiddCORE 2024
MiddCORE’s mentor-driven leadership and innovation immersion program builds skills and confidence through collaborative, experiential, and impact-focused learning. Through daily, weekly, and month-long challenges, students gain experience in leadership, strategic thinking, idea creation, collaboration, persuasive communication, ethical decision-making, cross-cultural understanding, conflict resolution, empathy, and crisis management. Acceptance into MiddCORE is by approval only. To learn more about this January's MiddCORE curriculum and to apply to the program, please visit go/MiddCOREwinter. (Pass/Fail; Approval Required)
Requirements Fulfilled:


Winter 2025

INTD1074A-W25 Lecture

Winter 2024

INTD1074A-W24 Lecture (Moeller)

Winter 2023

INTD1074A-W23 Lecture (Moeller)

Winter 2022

INTD1074A-W22 Lecture (Moeller)

Winter 2021

INTD1074A-W21 Lecture (Moeller, Torres)

Winter 2020

INTD1074A-W20 Lecture (Brown)
INTD1074B-W20 Lecture (Brown)

Winter 2019

INTD1074A-W19 Lecture (Vila, Renshler)
INTD1074B-W19 Lecture (Grant, Renshler)

Winter 2018

INTD1074A-W18 Lecture (Nash, Brown)
INTD1074B-W18 Lecture (Brown, Avineri)

Winter 2017

INTD1074A-W17 Lecture (Holmes)
INTD1074B-W17 Lecture (Stroup)

Winter 2016

INTD1074A-W16 Lecture (Holmes)
INTD1074B-W16 Lecture (Isham)

Winter 2015

INTD1074A-W15 Lecture (Holmes)
INTD1074B-W15 Lecture (Isham)

Winter 2014

INTD1074A-W14 Lecture (Holmes)
INTD1074B-W14 Lecture (Fernandez)

Winter 2013

INTD1074A-W13 Lecture (Holmes, Trombulak)
INTD1074B-W13 Lecture (Holmes, Trombulak)

Winter 2012

INTD1074A-W12 Lecture (Holmes, Hamlin)
INTD1074B-W12 Lecture (Hamlin, Holmes)

Winter 2011

INTD1074A-W11 Lecture (Holmes)

Winter 2010

INTD1074A-W10 Lecture (Claudon)

Winter 2009

INTD1074A-W09 Lecture (Claudon)

Winter 2008

INTD1074A-W08 Lecture (Claudon)