INTD 0270

Project Organization/Design

Solar Decathlon 2013: Project Organization and Schematic Design *
Middlebury College was recently selected to participate in the United States Department of Energy's 2013 Solar Decathlon competition to design and construct a solar-powered house. In this course we will plan the twenty-month effort leading up to the competition and develop the schematic design. The planning effort will involve developing the team and roles, setting project goals, building leadership and management skills, and developing an overall project schedule for the duration of the project. The design effort will take into account such concepts as precedents, program, character and aesthetics, technology selections, and constructability in order to develop a coherent design for the Midd SD 2013 house. We will also begin to formulate our communications strategy and work plan for the project. Our work will be performed in conjunction with the Solar Decathlon student group. (Approval required; please contact Andrea Murray or Ashar Nelson prior to registration).
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Spring 2012

INTD0270A-S12 Lecture (Nelson)