INTD 0264

Pre-Construction Management

Solar Decathlon 2011: Pre-Construction Management
The Department of Energy (DOE) sponsored Solar Decathlon is a competition to design and construct a solar-powered house. Middlebury College was recently selected to participate in the 2011 challenge. The objective of this studio course is to develop the schematic design for the approved project in accordance with the deliverables and deadlines set forth by the DOE. The main components of this course will include: project cost estimating; preliminary construction scheduling (designing for critical path, travel, assembly, and dis-assembly); health and safety plan development; and forestry management (harvesting and milling timer frame). Students in this course will work in partnership with students in the discipline coordination and professional practice course. (This course may be accepted as an elective for the Architectural and the Environment focus in the Environmental Studies major with permission of the focus advisor. Approval required; please contact Andrea Murray prior to registration).
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Fall 2010

INTD0264A-F10 Lecture (Nelson)