INTD 0221

Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Creating New Enterprises To Solve Significant Problems: For-Profit and Social Entrepreneurship
In this class students will explore how entrepreneurial innovators solve significant problems by creating new enterprises, and how these new organizations impact our society. In today’s society, entrepreneurship seems ubiquitous. At times, it appears that entrepreneurs can do no wrong. At other times, they are depicted as over-optimistic fools. Such polar characterizations may sell magazines, but they do not capture what entrepreneurship is, which involves a more complex and interesting story— in both for-profit and social entrepreneurship environments. Students will explore entrepreneurship in depth with the goal of penetrating the popular veneer and uncovering the essence of starting and growing new enterprises designed to solve significant societal problems.
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2021

INTD0221A-S21 Lecture

Spring 2020

INTD0221A-S20 Lecture (Nguyen)

Spring 2019

INTD0221A-S19 Lecture (Renshler)

Fall 2017

INTD0221A-F17 Lecture (Parizeau, Colander)

Fall 2016

INTD0221A-F16 Lecture (Colander, Parizeau)

Fall 2015

INTD0221A-F15 Lecture (Colander)

Fall 2014

INTD0221A-F14 Lecture (Colander)