HIST 0600

History Research Seminar

Writing History
In this course students discuss historical methods and writing strategies to create convincing historical narratives. With the approval and guidance of the professor, students complete a 20-25-page research paper based on primary and secondary sources. Students take this course in the fall of their junior year or with permission in the spring. If students are away for the entire junior year, they can take the course in the fall of their senior year. 3 hr. sem.
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2025

HIST0600A-S25 Seminar (Clinton)

Fall 2024

HIST0600A-F24 Seminar
HIST0600B-F24 Seminar

Spring 2024

HIST0600A-S24 Seminar (Clinton)

Fall 2023

HIST0600A-F23 Seminar (Armanios)
HIST0600B-F23 Seminar (Wyatt)

Spring 2023

HIST0600A-S23 Seminar (Povitz)

Fall 2022

HIST0600A-F22 Seminar (Monod, Morse)

Spring 2022

HIST0600A-S22 Seminar (Mitchell)

Fall 2021

HIST0600A-F21 Seminar (Barrow)
HIST0600B-F21 Seminar (Morsman)

Spring 2021

HIST0600A-S21 Seminar (Monod)

Fall 2020

HIST0600A-F20 Seminar (Morsman)
HIST0600B-F20 Seminar (Burnham)

Spring 2020

HIST0600A-S20 Seminar (Bennette)

Fall 2019

HIST0600A-F19 Seminar (Wyatt)

Spring 2019

HIST0600A-S19 Seminar (Hart)

Fall 2018

HIST0600A-F18 Seminar (Tropp, Armanios)

Fall 2017

HIST0600A-F17 Seminar (Morse, Davis, Mitchell)

Fall 2016

HIST0600A-F16 Seminar (Morsman, Barrow, Burnham)
HIST0600B-F16 Seminar (Morsman, Barrow, Burnham)
HIST0600G-F16 Seminar (Burnham)
HIST0600H-F16 Seminar (Burnham)

Fall 2015

HIST0600A-F15 Seminar (Barrow, Bennette, Morse)
HIST0600B-F15 Seminar (Barrow, Bennette, Morse)

Fall 2014

HIST0600A-F14 Seminar (Ward, Mao, Morse)
HIST0600B-F14 Seminar (Ward, Mao, Morse)

Fall 2013

HIST0600A-F13 Seminar (Burnham, Morsman, Tropp)
HIST0600B-F13 Seminar (Burnham, Morsman, Tropp)

Fall 2012

HIST0600A-F12 Seminar (Barrow)

Fall 2011

HIST0600A-F11 Seminar (Monod)

Fall 2010

HIST0600A-F10 Seminar (Barrow, Burnham, Hart)

Fall 2009

HIST0600A-F09 Seminar (Burnham, Davis, Morse)

Fall 2008

HIST0600A-F08 Seminar (Waters, Monod, Morsman)

Winter 2007

HIST0600A-W07 Independent Study (McCardell)
HIST0600B-W07 Independent Study (McCardell)

Winter 2006

HIST0600B-W06 Independent Study