The Soviet Experiment

The Soviet Experiment*
In this course we will explore the Soviet attempt to forge a fundamentally new means of human life. Starting with the revolutionary movement of the early 20th century, we will examine the development and ultimate downfall of the USSR. How and why did the Soviet Union emerge? What was Soviet communism (both in idea and in practice)? How did internal and external factors (political, social, economic) transform Soviet policy and life? Was the collapse of the USSR inevitable? Special attention will be paid not only to political leaders, but also to ordinary people (as believers, collaborators, victims, dissidents, and outcasts). 3 hrs lect./disc.
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Spring 2018

HIST0248A-S18 Lecture

Spring 2017

HIST0248A-S17 Lecture (Mitchell)

Spring 2016

HIST0248A-S16 Lecture (Mitchell)

Fall 2013

HIST0248A-F13 Lecture (Peri)
HIST0248Y-F13 Discussion (Peri)
HIST0248Z-F13 Discussion (Peri)

Fall 2012

HIST0248A-F12 Lecture (Peri)
HIST0248Y-F12 Discussion (Peri)
HIST0248Z-F12 Discussion (Peri)

Spring 2012

HIST0248A-S12 Lecture (Peri)
HIST0248Y-S12 Discussion (Peri)
HIST0248Z-S12 Discussion (Peri)

Spring 2011

HIST0248A-S11 Lecture (West)
HIST0248Y-S11 Discussion (West)
HIST0248Z-S11 Discussion (West)

Spring 2010

HIST0248A-S10 Lecture (West)
HIST0248Y-S10 Discussion (West)
HIST0248Z-S10 Discussion (West)

Spring 2009

HIST0248A-S09 Lecture (Sanchez-Sibony)
HIST0248Y-S09 Discussion (Sanchez-Sibony)
HIST0248Z-S09 Discussion (Sanchez-Sibony)

Spring 2008

HIST0248A-S08 Lecture (West)
HIST0248B-S08 Lecture (West)
HIST0248Y-S08 Discussion (West)
HIST0248Z-S08 Discussion (West)

Spring 2007

HIST0248A-S07 Lecture (West)
HIST0248B-S07 Lecture (West)
HIST0248Y-S07 Discussion (West)
HIST0248Z-S07 Discussion (West)

Spring 2006

HIST0248A-S06 Lecture (West)
HIST0248B-S06 Lecture (West)
HIST0248Y-S06 Discussion (West)
HIST0248Z-S06 Discussion (West)

Spring 2005

HIST0248A-S05 Lecture (West)
HIST0248B-S05 Lecture (West)
HIST0248Y-S05 Discussion (West)
HIST0248Z-S05 Discussion (West)

Spring 2004

HIST0248A-S04 Lecture (West)
HIST0248B-S04 Lecture (West)
HIST0248Y-S04 Discussion (West)
HIST0248Z-S04 Discussion (West)