HIST 0222

US Env Hist Nature Inequality

United States Environmental History: Nature and Inequality
In this course we will study the interactions between diverse groups and their physical environments to understand how humans have shaped and in turn been shaped by the material world. Topics include: ecological change with European conquest; industrialization and race and class differences in labor, leisure, and ideas of “nature”; African American environments South and North; the capitalist transformation of the American West, rural and urban; Progressive conservation and its displacement of Native Americans and other rural groups; chemical- and petroleum-based technologies and their unexpected consequences; and the rise of environmentalism and its transformation by issues of inequality and justice. 3 hrs. lect./disc.
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Fall 2023

HIST0222A-F23 Lecture (Morse)
HIST0222B-F23 Lecture (Morse)

Spring 2022

HIST0222A-S22 Lecture (Morse)
HIST0222B-S22 Lecture (Morse)
HIST0222X-S22 Discussion (Morse)
HIST0222Y-S22 Discussion (Morse)
HIST0222Z-S22 Discussion (Morse)

Spring 2018

HIST0222A-S18 Lecture (Morse)
HIST0222B-S18 Lecture (Morse)
HIST0222X-S18 Discussion (Morse)
HIST0222Y-S18 Discussion (Morse)
HIST0222Z-S18 Discussion (Morse)

Fall 2016

HIST0222A-F16 Lecture (Morse)
HIST0222B-F16 Lecture (Morse)
HIST0222X-F16 Discussion (Morse)
HIST0222Y-F16 Discussion (Morse)
HIST0222Z-F16 Discussion (Morse)

Spring 2015

HIST0222A-S15 Lecture (Morse)
HIST0222Y-S15 Discussion (Morse)
HIST0222Z-S15 Discussion (Morse)

Fall 2012

HIST0222A-F12 Lecture (Morse)
HIST0222B-F12 Lecture (Morse)
HIST0222X-F12 Discussion (Morse)
HIST0222Y-F12 Discussion (Morse)
HIST0222Z-F12 Discussion (Morse)

Fall 2010

HIST0222A-F10 Lecture (Morse)
HIST0222B-F10 Lecture (Morse)
HIST0222X-F10 Discussion (Morse)
HIST0222Y-F10 Discussion (Morse)
HIST0222Z-F10 Discussion (Morse)

Spring 2009

HIST0222A-S09 Lecture (Morse)
HIST0222B-S09 Lecture (Morse)
HIST0222Y-S09 Discussion (Morse)
HIST0222Z-S09 Discussion (Morse)

Spring 2006

HIST0222A-S06 Lecture (Morse)
HIST0222X-S06 Discussion (Morse)

Spring 2004

HIST0222A-S04 Lecture (Morse)
HIST0222X-S04 Discussion (Morse)
HIST0222Y-S04 Discussion (Morse)
HIST0222Z-S04 Discussion (Morse)