HARC 0301

Ways of Seeing

Ways of Seeing
In this course we will focus on the various methods and theories that can enrich and deepen our understanding of art, architecture, and visual culture. Students will hone their analytical skills, both verbal and written, often with recourse to objects from the College Museum and the campus at large. In general, this seminar will develop students’ awareness of objects of culture broadly construed, and sharpen their understanding of the scope and intellectual history of the field. To be taken during the sophomore or junior year as a prerequisite for HARC 0710 and HARC 0711. 3 hrs. sem.
History of Art & Architecture
History of Art & Architecture
Requirements Fulfilled:


Fall 2024

HARC0301A-F24 Lecture (Vazquez)

Fall 2023

HARC0301A-F23 Lecture (Vazquez)

Fall 2022

HARC0301A-F22 Lecture (Vazquez)

Spring 2022

HARC0301A-S22 Lecture (Anderson)

Spring 2021

HARC0301A-S21 Lecture (Vazquez)

Fall 2020

HARC0301A-F20 Lecture (Garrison)

Spring 2020

HARC0301A-S20 Lecture (Garrison)

Fall 2019

HARC0301A-F19 Lecture (Anderson)

Spring 2019

HARC0301A-S19 Lecture (Garrison)

Fall 2018

HARC0301A-F18 Lecture (Vazquez)

Spring 2018

HARC0301A-S18 Lecture (Garrison)

Fall 2017

HARC0301A-F17 Lecture (Anderson)

Fall 2016

HARC0301A-F16 Lecture (Vazquez)

Winter 2016

HARC0301A-W16 Lecture (Sassin)

Fall 2015

HARC0301A-F15 Lecture (Vazquez)

Winter 2015

HARC0301A-W15 Lecture (Garrison)

Fall 2014

HARC0301A-F14 Lecture (Vazquez)

Fall 2013

HARC0301A-F13 Lecture (Garrison)

Winter 2013

HARC0301A-W13 Lecture (Garrison)

Spring 2012

HARC0301A-S12 Lecture (Garrison)