HARC 0230

Modern Architecture

Modern Architecture
Rotating skyscrapers, green roofs, and avant-garde museums: how did we arrive in the architectural world of the early 21st century? In this course we will survey the major stylistic developments, new building types, and new technologies that have shaped European and American architecture since the late 18th century. Students will learn about the work of major architects as well as key architectural theories and debates. Special emphasis will be placed on the cultural and political contexts in which buildings are designed. 2 hrs. Lect./1 hr. disc.
History of Art & Architecture
History of Art & Architecture
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Spring 2025

HARC0230A-S25 Lecture

Spring 2023

HARC0230A-S23 Lecture (Sassin)

Spring 2022

HARC0230A-S22 Lecture (Sassin)

Spring 2021

HARC0230A-S21 Lecture (Sassin)
HARC0230B-S21 Lecture (Sassin)

Spring 2020

HARC0230A-S20 Lecture (Sassin)
HARC0230X-S20 Discussion (Sassin)
HARC0230Y-S20 Discussion (Sassin)
HARC0230Z-S20 Discussion (Sassin)

Spring 2019

HARC0230A-S19 Lecture (Sassin)
HARC0230X-S19 Discussion (Sassin)
HARC0230Y-S19 Discussion (Sassin)
HARC0230Z-S19 Discussion (Sassin)

Spring 2018

HARC0230A-S18 Lecture (Karakas)
HARC0230Y-S18 Discussion (Karakas)
HARC0230Z-S18 Discussion (Karakas)

Spring 2017

HARC0230A-S17 Lecture (Sassin)
HARC0230X-S17 Discussion (Sassin)
HARC0230Y-S17 Discussion (Sassin)
HARC0230Z-S17 Discussion (Sassin)

Spring 2016

HARC0230A-S16 Lecture (Sassin)
HARC0230X-S16 Discussion (Sassin)
HARC0230Y-S16 Discussion (Sassin)
HARC0230Z-S16 Discussion (Sassin)

Spring 2015

HARC0230A-S15 Lecture (Sassin)
HARC0230X-S15 Discussion (Sassin)
HARC0230Y-S15 Discussion (Sassin)
HARC0230Z-S15 Discussion (Sassin)

Spring 2014

HARC0230A-S14 Lecture (Sassin)

Spring 2013

HARC0230A-S13 Lecture (Sassin)

Spring 2012

HARC0230A-S12 Lecture (Hock)
HARC0230X-S12 Discussion (Hock)
HARC0230Y-S12 Discussion (Hock)
HARC0230Z-S12 Discussion (Hock)

Fall 2010

HARC0230A-F10 Lecture (Hock)
HARC0230X-F10 Discussion (Hock)
HARC0230Y-F10 Discussion (Hock)
HARC0230Z-F10 Discussion (Hock)

Fall 2009

HARC0230A-F09 Lecture (Hock)
HARC0230X-F09 Discussion (Hock)
HARC0230Y-F09 Discussion (Hock)
HARC0230Z-F09 Discussion (Hock)

Fall 2008

HARC0230A-F08 Lecture (Hock)
HARC0230X-F08 Discussion (Hock)
HARC0230Y-F08 Discussion (Hock)
HARC0230Z-F08 Discussion (Hock)

Fall 2007

HARC0230A-F07 Lecture (Andres)

Fall 2006

HARC0230A-F06 Lecture

Fall 2005

HARC0230A-F05 Lecture (Andres)

Fall 2003

HARC0230A-F03 Lecture (Andres)