HARC 0218

History of Photography

History of Photography
In this course we will consider the history of photography as a medium from its inception in 1839 to the present. We will focus on technological advances in photography, aesthetic developments, and the evolution of acceptance of photography as an art form. We will examine the use of photography in different genres, such as landscape, portraiture, and documentation. To illustrate our study, we will rely on examples of photographs available in the Middlebury College Museum of Art. 3 hrs. lect.
History of Art & Architecture
History of Art & Architecture
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Winter 2018

HARC0218A-W18 Lecture (Hoving)

Spring 2016

HARC0218A-S16 Lecture (Hoving)

Spring 2015

HARC0218A-S15 Lecture (Hoving)

Fall 2013

HARC0218A-F13 Lecture (Hoving)

Fall 2012

HARC0218A-F12 Lecture (Hoving)

Fall 2010

HARC0218A-F10 Lecture (Hoving)
HARC0218X-F10 Discussion (Hoving)
HARC0218Y-F10 Discussion (Hoving)
HARC0218Z-F10 Discussion (Hoving)

Fall 2009

HARC0218A-F09 Lecture (Hoving)

Fall 2008

HARC0218A-F08 Lecture (Hoving)

Spring 2008

HARC0218A-S08 Lecture (Grossman)
HARC0218X-S08 Discussion (Grossman)
HARC0218Y-S08 Discussion (Grossman)
HARC0218Z-S08 Discussion (Grossman)

Spring 2007

HARC0218A-S07 Lecture (Hoving)
HARC0218X-S07 Discussion (Hoving)
HARC0218Y-S07 Discussion (Hoving)
HARC0218Z-S07 Discussion (Hoving)

Fall 2004

HARC0218A-F04 Lecture (Hoving)
HARC0218X-F04 Discussion (Hoving)
HARC0218Y-F04 Discussion (Hoving)
HARC0218Z-F04 Discussion (Hoving)

Fall 2003

HARC0218A-F03 Lecture (Hoving)
HARC0218X-F03 Discussion (Hoving)
HARC0218Y-F03 Discussion (Hoving)
HARC0218Z-F03 Discussion (Hoving)