HARC 0201

Italian Renaissance

Italian Renaissance Art: 1350-1550
This course will focus on the art produced in Italy during the late fourteenth through the early sixteenth centuries. In addition to studying the chronological development of painting, sculpture, and architecture, we will consider such issues as artistic training, patronage, domestic life, and the literary achievements of this period of "rebirth." Focusing on urban environments such as Florence, Siena, Padua, Venice, Rome, and Urbino, we will give special attention to the manner in which artistic production was shaped by place. 3 hrs. lect.
History of Art & Architecture
History of Art & Architecture
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Spring 2024

HARC0201A-S24 Lecture (Smith Abbott)

Spring 2022

HARC0201A-S22 Lecture (Smith Abbott)

Fall 2020

HARC0201A-F20 Lecture (Smith Abbott)
HARC0201X-F20 Discussion (Smith Abbott)
HARC0201Y-F20 Discussion (Smith Abbott)
HARC0201Z-F20 Discussion (Smith Abbott)

Spring 2020

HARC0201A-S20 Lecture (Smith Abbott)

Spring 2019

HARC0201A-S19 Lecture (Smith Abbott)

Fall 2016

HARC0201A-F16 Lecture (Smith Abbott)

Fall 2015

HARC0201A-F15 Lecture (Anderson)

Fall 2014

HARC0201A-F14 Lecture (Smith Abbott)

Spring 2013

HARC0201A-S13 Lecture (Smith Abbott)

Spring 2012

HARC0201A-S12 Lecture (Smith Abbott)

Spring 2010

HARC0201A-S10 Lecture (Smith Abbott)

Spring 2009

HARC0201A-S09 Lecture (Smith Abbott)

Fall 2007

HARC0201A-F07 Lecture (Smith Abbott)

Spring 2006

HARC0201A-S06 Lecture (Smith Abbott)

Spring 2004

HARC0201A-S04 Lecture (Smith Abbott)
HARC0201X-S04 Discussion (Smith Abbott)
HARC0201Y-S04 Discussion (Smith Abbott)
HARC0201Z-S04 Discussion (Smith Abbott)