GRMN 0103

Beginning German Continued

Beginning German Continued
This course is a continuation of GRMN 0101 and 0102. Increased emphasis on communicative competence through short oral presentations and the use of authentic German language materials (videos, songs, slides). Introduction to short prose writings and other documents relating to contemporary German culture. Five class meetings per week. (GRMN 0101 plus winter term GRMN 0102, or equivalent) 5 hrs. lect.
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:


Spring 2020

GRMN0103A-S20 Lecture
GRMN0103B-S20 Lecture

Spring 2019

GRMN0103A-S19 Lecture (Feiereisen)
GRMN0103B-S19 Lecture (Eppelsheimer)

Spring 2018

GRMN0103A-S18 Lecture (Eppelsheimer)
GRMN0103B-S18 Lecture (Hofmann)

Spring 2017

GRMN0103A-S17 Lecture (Feiereisen)
GRMN0103B-S17 Lecture (Eppelsheimer)

Spring 2016

GRMN0103A-S16 Lecture (Eppelsheimer)
GRMN0103B-S16 Lecture (Feiereisen)

Spring 2015

GRMN0103A-S15 Lecture (Feiereisen)
GRMN0103B-S15 Lecture (Russi)

Spring 2014

GRMN0103A-S14 Lecture (Matthias, Russi)
GRMN0103B-S14 Lecture (Feiereisen)

Spring 2013

GRMN0103A-S13 Lecture (Feiereisen)
GRMN0103B-S13 Lecture (Eppelsheimer)

Spring 2012

GRMN0103A-S12 Lecture (Russi)
GRMN0103B-S12 Lecture (Russi)

Spring 2011

GRMN0103A-S11 Lecture (Eppelsheimer)
GRMN0103B-S11 Lecture (Eppelsheimer)

Spring 2010

GRMN0103A-S10 Lecture (Eppelsheimer)
GRMN0103B-S10 Lecture (Feiereisen)

Spring 2009

GRMN0103B-S09 Lecture (Eppelsheimer)

Spring 2008

GRMN0103A-S08 Lecture (Feiereisen)
GRMN0103B-S08 Lecture (Feiereisen)

Spring 2007

GRMN0103A-S07 Lecture (Graf)
GRMN0103B-S07 Lecture (Stimmel)

Spring 2006

GRMN0103A-S06 Lecture (Sundberg)
GRMN0103B-S06 Lecture (Sundberg)

Spring 2005

GRMN0103A-S05 Lecture (Southern)
GRMN0103B-S05 Lecture (Matthias)
GRMN0103C-S05 Lecture (Southern)

Spring 2004

GRMN0103A-S04 Lecture (Southern)
GRMN0103B-S04 Lecture (Graf)
GRMN0103C-S04 Lecture (Murti)