GHLT 0232

Principles of Epidemiology

Principles of Epidemiology
This course will introduce students to the theory and practice of epidemiology. Students will learn major concepts including study design, measures of effect, and causal inference. We will explore the causes of modern diseases with a focus on how epidemiology can be used to understand causation of disease. We will also explore the historical and current contributions of epidemiology within the field of public health. The course will introduce areas of specialization including infectious and non-infectious diseases, environmental epidemiology, and social and community epidemiology. Students will learn data analysis skills applicable to research in public health and other quantitative sciences. Students will utilize skills from class to investigate an epidemiological issue using real world data. Students will also lead discussions on how epidemiology is used to investigate the determinants of disease. Students will leave the course with understanding of key epidemiological concepts, and the ability to convey those ideas to a lay audience in written and oral formats. 3 hrs. lect.
Global Health
Global Health
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Fall 2023

GHLT0232A-F23 Lecture (Byrne)

Fall 2022

GHLT0232A-F22 Lecture (Byrne)

Spring 2022

GHLT0232A-S22 Lecture (Byrne)

Fall 2021

GHLT0232A-F21 Lecture (Byrne)