GEOG 0420

Innovations in Teaching GIS

Seminar in GIS: Innovations in Teaching and Learning GIS
How can technological innovations – open-source GIS, multimedia production and online publishing – change how people learn GIS and other spatial technologies? In this seminar we will critically investigate empirical research on how people learn to solve problems and think spatially, how the design of instruction can influence this learning, and how technological innovations can potentially transform teaching practices. Students will then independently develop and assess multimedia modules that are designed to help people learn to use GIS and other spatial methods. Potential target audiences for these modules may include high school students, college students in a particular discipline, non-profit and grassroots organizations, or other social groups who can apply GIS and spatial tools to solve practical or academic problems. The modules will be published online, contributing to a web-based educational resource for teaching GIS. (GEOG 0120) 3 hrs. sem.
Social Sciences
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