GEOG 0339

Practicing Human Geography

Practicing Human Geography
Asking and answering geographical questions often invokes a variety of specific spatial-analytical techniques and methodologies. In Practicing Human Geography, students will employ a variety of both quantitative and qualitative methodologies in specific research contexts. Through lectures, examples, and readings, students will learn the types of questions each technique is designed to answer, how it works, and how to interpret the results. During weekly discussion sections, students will gain hands on experience with various software packages and employ these techniques to complete a series of research exercises. These research exercises, participation, and a final exam will form the basis for evaluation. (GEOG 0100, and at least one 0200-level course in geography) 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab
Social Sciences
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2019

GEOG0339A-S19 Lecture (L'Roe)
GEOG0339Z-S19 Lab (L'Roe)

Fall 2017

GEOG0339A-F17 Lecture (L'Roe)
GEOG0339Z-F17 Lab (L'Roe)

Fall 2016

GEOG0339A-F16 Lecture (L'Roe)
GEOG0339Y-F16 Lab (L'Roe)

Fall 2015

GEOG0339A-F15 Lecture (Rodd)
GEOG0339Y-F15 Lab (Rodd)
GEOG0339Z-F15 Lab (Rodd)

Fall 2014

GEOG0339A-F14 Lecture (Rodd)
GEOG0339Y-F14 Lab (Rodd)
GEOG0339Z-F14 Lab (Rodd)

Spring 2013

GEOG0339A-S13 Lecture (Nelson)
GEOG0339Z-S13 Lab (Nelson)

Fall 2010

GEOG0339A-F10 Lecture (Nelson)
GEOG0339Y-F10 Lab (Nelson)
GEOG0339Z-F10 Lab (Nelson)

Fall 2008

GEOG0339A-F08 Lecture (Nelson)
GEOG0339Y-F08 Lab (Nelson)
GEOG0339Z-F08 Lab (Nelson)

Spring 2008

GEOG0339A-S08 Lecture (Nelson)
GEOG0339B-S08 Lecture (Nelson)
GEOG0339Y-S08 Lab (Nelson)
GEOG0339Z-S08 Lab (Nelson)