GEOG 0339

Practicing Human Geography

Practicing Human Geography
Whether you are planning to do your own research or want to be a more savvy consumer of research produced by others, it is useful to develop an understanding of the process of creating, discovering, and interpreting information about the world. In this course, students will explore quantitative and qualitative methodologies and the ways they can be used in human geography research. Through examples, exercises, and readings, students will learn the types of questions different techniques are designed to answer, how they work, and how to interpret the results. Students will gain hands on experience conducting surveys, generating and interpreting qualitative data, selecting and implementing statistical analyses, and writing research reports, to build competence and critical awareness in the practice and communication of research. (At least one course in geography, AP human geography credit, or instructor approval) 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab
Social Sciences
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2022

GEOG0339A-S22 Lecture (L'Roe)
GEOG0339Y-S22 Lab (L'Roe)

Spring 2021

GEOG0339A-S21 Lecture (Nelson)
GEOG0339Y-S21 Lab (Nelson)

Spring 2020

GEOG0339A-S20 Lecture (L'Roe)
GEOG0339Z-S20 Lab (L'Roe)

Spring 2019

GEOG0339A-S19 Lecture (L'Roe)
GEOG0339Z-S19 Lab (L'Roe)

Fall 2017

GEOG0339A-F17 Lecture (L'Roe)
GEOG0339Z-F17 Lab (L'Roe)

Fall 2016

GEOG0339A-F16 Lecture (L'Roe)
GEOG0339Y-F16 Lab (L'Roe)

Fall 2015

GEOG0339A-F15 Lecture (Rodd)
GEOG0339Y-F15 Lab (Rodd)
GEOG0339Z-F15 Lab (Rodd)

Fall 2014

GEOG0339A-F14 Lecture (Rodd)
GEOG0339Y-F14 Lab (Rodd)
GEOG0339Z-F14 Lab (Rodd)

Spring 2013

GEOG0339A-S13 Lecture (Nelson)
GEOG0339Z-S13 Lab (Nelson)

Fall 2010

GEOG0339A-F10 Lecture (Nelson)
GEOG0339Y-F10 Lab (Nelson)
GEOG0339Z-F10 Lab (Nelson)

Fall 2008

GEOG0339A-F08 Lecture (Nelson)
GEOG0339Y-F08 Lab (Nelson)
GEOG0339Z-F08 Lab (Nelson)

Spring 2008

GEOG0339A-S08 Lecture (Nelson)
GEOG0339B-S08 Lecture (Nelson)
GEOG0339Y-S08 Lab (Nelson)
GEOG0339Z-S08 Lab (Nelson)