GEOG 0310

Spatial Visualization

Geospatial Visualization
In this course we will study the principles of cartography in the digital era. Lab exercises will illustrate conceptual issues discussed in lecture and readings with a series of applied problems. In lab work, students will use graphics software and geographic information systems to design maps and graphics that facilitate spatial thinking and effectively communicate spatial information to specialist and lay audiences. Major topics covered will include principles of cartographic design, thematic mapping, realism, 3D rendering, animation, and human-computer interfaces. (GEOG 0120 or by waiver) 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab
Social Sciences
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GEOG 0325 *


Spring 2011

GEOG0310A-S11 Lecture (Howarth)
GEOG0310Y-S11 Lab (Howarth)
GEOG0310Z-S11 Lab (Howarth)

Spring 2010

GEOG0310A-S10 Lecture (Howarth)
GEOG0310Y-S10 Lab (Howarth)
GEOG0310Z-S10 Lab (Howarth)

Spring 2009

GEOG0310A-S09 Lecture (Schroeder)
GEOG0310Y-S09 Lab (Schroeder)
GEOG0310Z-S09 Lab (Schroeder)

Spring 2008

GEOG0310A-S08 Lecture (Schroeder)
GEOG0310Y-S08 Lab (Schroeder)
GEOG0310Z-S08 Lab (Schroeder)

Spring 2007

GEOG0310A-S07 Lecture (Schroeder)
GEOG0310Y-S07 Lab (Schroeder)
GEOG0310Z-S07 Lab (Schroeder)

Spring 2006

GEOG0310A-S06 Lecture (Dana)
GEOG0310Y-S06 Lab (Dana)
GEOG0310Z-S06 Lab (Dana)

Spring 2004

GEOG0310A-S04 Lecture (Churchill)
GEOG0310Y-S04 Lab (Churchill)
GEOG0310Z-S04 Lab (Churchill)