FMMC 1135

Script Development

Script Development Workshop
This course is organized in conjunction with the Middlebury Script Lab, a screenwriting residential workshop that brings together emerging screenwriters and established industry professionals. The students will attend screenwriting workshops, masterclasses and informal meetings with visiting writers and producers. Students will explore ideation techniques, finding a story that is appropriate for a feature length script, outlining and pitching. We will discuss dramatic structure in depth and explore the high-concept potential of your screenplay ideas, examining their aesthetic as well as their business possibilities. We will assemble a pitching packet for your projects, including synopsis, logline, mood board and fantasy casting. At the conclusion of this class, you will have a solid outline supported by pitching materials and a clear overview of your material. The class makes an excellent preparation for students who want to take FMMC 0341 Writing for the Screen II or who plan to write a screenplay for their senior tutorial. (FMMC 0106 or instructor approval) 
Film & Media Culture
Film & Media Culture
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Winter 2021

FMMC1135A-W21 Lecture (Uricaru)

Winter 2020

FMMC1135A-W20 Lecture (Miranda Hardy)

Winter 2019

FMMC1135A-W19 Lecture (Uricaru)

Winter 2018

FMMC1135A-W18 Lecture (Uricaru)

Winter 2016

FMMC1135A-W16 Lecture (Uricaru)