FMMC 1020

Collaborative Video Projects

Collaborative Video Projects
In this course students will learn to work collaboratively either as crew members on the senior thesis films produced for FMMC 0701 or on original projects, depending on availability of resources. Students will receive credit for performing in key creative positions, including Producer, Assistant Director, Cinematographer, Art director, Sound Designer, and Editor. In this class students will learn advanced set operations, while workshopping projects from pre-production to main photography to editorial, post-production and the final screening. Students must do significant pre-production before January. (Honors Pass/Fail; Approval required)
Film & Media Culture
Film & Media Culture
Requirements Fulfilled:


Winter 2025

FMMC1020A-W25 Lecture

Winter 2024

FMMC1020A-W24 Lecture (Uricaru)

Winter 2023

FMMC1020A-W23 Lecture (Miranda Hardy)

Winter 2022

FMMC1020A-W22 Lecture (Ngaiza)

Winter 2020

FMMC1020A-W20 Lecture (Ngaiza)

Winter 2019

FMMC1020A-W19 Lecture (Keirans)

Winter 2018

FMMC1020A-W18 Lecture (Miranda Hardy)

Winter 2017

FMMC1020A-W17 Lecture (Mittell)

Winter 2016

FMMC1020A-W16 Lecture (Miranda Hardy)

Winter 2015

FMMC1020A-W15 Lecture (Mittell)

Winter 2014

FMMC1020A-W14 Lecture (Uricaru)