FMMC 0700

Senior Tutorial

Film and Media Senior Tutorial
All FMMC majors must complete this course, in which they undertake a critical essay, a screenplay, or a video. The following prerequisite courses are required: for a video project: FMMC 0105, FMMC 0335, FMMC/CRWR 0106; for a screenwriting project: FMMC 0105, FMMC/CRWR 0106, FMMC/CRWR 0341; for a research essay: demonstrated knowledge in the topic of the essay, as determined in consultation with the project advisor, and coursework relevant to the topic as available.
Film & Media Culture
Film & Media Culture
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2020

FMMC0700A-S20 Seminar (Miranda Hardy)
FMMC0700B-S20 Seminar (Keathley)

Spring 2019

FMMC0700A-S19 Seminar (Stein)
FMMC0700B-S19 Seminar (Ngaiza)

Spring 2018

FMMC0700A-S18 Seminar (Grindon)
FMMC0700B-S18 Seminar (Uricaru)

Spring 2017

FMMC0700A-S17 Seminar (Keathley)
FMMC0700B-S17 Seminar (Miranda Hardy)

Spring 2016

FMMC0700A-S16 Seminar (Miranda Hardy)
FMMC0700B-S16 Seminar (Stein)

Spring 2015

FMMC0700A-S15 Seminar (Grindon)
FMMC0700B-S15 Seminar (Keathley)

Fall 2014

FMMC0700A-F14 Senior Work
FMMC0700B-F14 Senior Work (Uricaru)

Spring 2014

FMMC0700B-S14 Seminar (Uricaru)

Spring 2013

FMMC0700A-S13 Senior Work (Mittell)
FMMC0700B-S13 Senior Work (Houghton)