FMMC 0354

Film Theory

Film Theory
This course surveys the issues that have sparked the greatest curiosity among film scholars throughout cinema's first century, such as: What is the specificity of the film image? What constitutes cinema as an art? How is authorship in the cinema to be accounted for? Is the cinema a language, or does it depart significantly from linguistic coordinates? How does one begin to construct a history of the cinema? What constitutes valid or useful film research? Readings will include Epstein, Eisenstein, Bazin, Truffaut, Wollen, Mulvey, Benjamin, Kracauer, and others. (Formerly FMMC 0344) (FMMC 0101 or FMMC 0102 or instructor approval) 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. screen.
Film & Media Culture
Film & Media Culture
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FMMC 0344 *


Spring 2019

FMMC0354A-S19 Lecture (Keathley)

Fall 2014

FMMC0354A-F14 Lecture (Keathley)

Spring 2010

FMMC0354A-S10 Lecture (Keathley)

Fall 2008

FMMC0354A-F08 Lecture (Keathley)