FMMC 0335

Advanced Filmmaking

Advanced Filmmaking
In this course students will work in teams to produce several short films, having the opportunity to take turns at fulfilling all the essential crew positions: director, producer, cinematographer, production sound mixer, editor, and sound designer. We will emphasize thorough pre-production planning, scene design, cinematography, working with actors, and post production —including color correction and sound mixing. The critical dialogue established in FMMC 0105 Sight and Sound I will be extended and augmented with readings and screenings of outstanding independently produced work. (FMMC 0105) 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab.
Film & Media Culture
Film & Media Culture
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FMMC 0235


Spring 2025

FMMC0335A-S25 Lecture

Spring 2024

FMMC0335A-S24 Lecture (Miranda Hardy)

Spring 2022

FMMC0335A-S22 Lecture (Ngaiza)

Fall 2021

FMMC0335A-F21 Lecture (Uricaru)

Fall 2019

FMMC0335A-F19 Lecture (Ngaiza)

Fall 2018

FMMC0335A-F18 Lecture (Uricaru)

Fall 2017

FMMC0335A-F17 Lecture (Uricaru)

Fall 2016

FMMC0335A-F16 Lecture (Miranda Hardy)

Fall 2015

FMMC0335A-F15 Lecture (Uricaru)

Fall 2014

FMMC0335A-F14 Lecture (Houghton)

Fall 2013

FMMC0335A-F13 Lecture (Houghton)

Fall 2012

FMMC0335A-F12 Lecture (Houghton)

Fall 2011

FMMC0335A-F11 Lecture (Houghton)

Fall 2010

FMMC0335A-F10 Lecture (Tucker)

Fall 2009

FMMC0335A-F09 Lecture (Tucker)

Fall 2008

FMMC0335A-F08 Lecture (Tucker)