FMMC 0332

Filmmaking for Change

Filmmaking for Change
The art of cinema has the potential to reach audiences not only aesthetically but also at the level of ideas and moral principles. Filmmakers have the power to raise questions, challenge the status quo, mobilize dissent; they can bear witness, hold up a revealing mirror to reality and sometimes catalyze real change in the world. How can cinema perform these tasks while upholding its artistic value and not sliding into propaganda, didacticism or ideological advocacy? In this class we will watch and discuss films such as Z/ (Costa Gavras, 1968), /All the Presidents’ Men (Alan J Pakula, 1976), Dekalog (K. Kieslowski 1989). Each student will write a short screenplay with a theme about which they want to raise consciousness and stir debate. Note to students: this course involves substantial streaming of films for assigned viewing. (FMMC 101, or FMMC 0106, or instructor approval). 3hrs sem, 3 hrs screen.
Film & Media Culture
Film & Media Culture
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Spring 2019

FMMC0332A-S19 Seminar (Uricaru)