FMMC 0289

Podcast Seminar

Podcast Seminar: Series Development
In this course we will work together to develop and produce original podcast series. Small teams will collaborate to develop a show idea, map a first season of episodes and produce a pilot episode of the podcast series. In preparation for this endeavor we will listen extensively to podcasts in a variety of formats and hear from show creators across the field of podcasting. Students will have the opportunity to plan and execute interviews, record round-table discussions, engage in field recordings, and ultimately develop a unique show voice and aesthetic. (FMMC 0101, or FMMC 0249, or FMMC 1134, or FMMC 1026, or FMMC/AMST 0261) 3 hrs. lect.
Film & Media Culture
Film & Media Culture
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Winter 2020

FMMC0289A-W20 Lecture (Davis)