FMMC 0220

Directing for the Screen

Directing Strategies: From Paper to Screen
In this course we will examine the creative processes involved in directing dramatic material for the screen, with emphasis on the specificity of our medium. Through rigorous analysis of existing media, we will understand the dramatic and interpretative choices made by film writers, directors, and editors. Through hands-on exercises, we will develop scene analysis techniques, rehearsal methodologies, and pre-visualization strategies. Students will apply these skills to the directing of dramatic scenes. (Not open to students who have taken FMMC 0320) (FMMC 0101, or FMMC 0105, or FMMC 0106 or approval) 3 hrs. Lect.
Film & Media Culture
Film & Media Culture
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FMMC 0320


Spring 2022

FMMC0220A-S22 Lecture (Uricaru)