FMMC 0213

Media Curation and Exhibition

Media Curation and Exhibition
While digital technology has increased accessibility and affordability of media creation, bringing media to the audience is an increasingly difficult challenge. In this course we will survey the current landscape of American independent and international media exhibition and curation, focusing on institutions and practices relevant to students interested in the media industries. Topics of the course include festivals as launching venues; development programs and their importance as curators; competitions, awards and grants that support independent filmmaking; film series and other curated modes of exhibition. About half of the work in the course will consist of hands-on work on the Hirschfield Screening Series, including research, screener viewing, title selection, liaising with distribution companies, organizing screenings and guest visits.
Film & Media Culture
Film & Media Culture
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Fall 2024

FMMC0213A-F24 Lecture (Uricaru)