FMMC 0106


In this course we will examine the fundamental elements of dramatic narrative as they relate to visual storytelling. We will emphasize the process of generating original story material and learning the craft of screenwriting, including topics such as story, outline, scene structure, subtext, character objectives, formatting standards, and narrative strategies. Weekly writing assignments will emphasize visual storytelling techniques, tone and atmosphere, character relationships, and dialogue. Students will be required to complete one short screenplay. Required readings will inform and accompany close study of selected screenplays and short films. This class will require some streaming of video material. (FMMC 0101 OR CRWR 0170 or approval of instructor) (Formerly FMMC/ENAM 0106) 3 hrs. sem.
Film & Media Culture
Film & Media Culture
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CRWR 0106


Fall 2024

FMMC0106A-F24 Lecture (Ngaiza)
FMMC0106B-F24 Lecture (Ngaiza)

Fall 2023

FMMC0106A-F23 Lecture (Uricaru)
FMMC0106B-F23 Lecture (Uricaru)

Fall 2022

FMMC0106A-F22 Lecture (Miranda Hardy)
FMMC0106B-F22 Lecture (Miranda Hardy)
FMMC0106Z-F22 Screening (Miranda Hardy)

Fall 2021

FMMC0106A-F21 Lecture (Miranda Hardy)
FMMC0106B-F21 Lecture (Miranda Hardy)

Fall 2020

FMMC0106A-F20 Lecture (Uricaru)

Fall 2019

FMMC0106A-F19 Lecture (Miranda Hardy)
FMMC0106B-F19 Lecture (Miranda Hardy)

Fall 2018

FMMC0106A-F18 Lecture (Uricaru)
FMMC0106B-F18 Lecture (Uricaru)

Fall 2017

FMMC0106A-F17 Lecture (Miranda Hardy)
FMMC0106B-F17 Lecture (Miranda Hardy)

Fall 2016

FMMC0106A-F16 Lecture (Miranda Hardy)
FMMC0106B-F16 Lecture (Miranda Hardy)

Fall 2015

FMMC0106A-F15 Lecture (Uricaru)
FMMC0106B-F15 Lecture (Uricaru)

Fall 2014

FMMC0106A-F14 Lecture (Uricaru)
FMMC0106B-F14 Lecture (Uricaru)

Fall 2013

FMMC0106A-F13 Lecture (Uricaru)
FMMC0106B-F13 Lecture (Uricaru)

Fall 2012

FMMC0106A-F12 Lecture (Uricaru)
FMMC0106B-F12 Lecture (Uricaru)
FMMC0106Z-F12 Discussion (Uricaru)

Fall 2011

FMMC0106A-F11 Lecture (Smith)
FMMC0106X-F11 Discussion (Smith)
FMMC0106Y-F11 Discussion (Smith)
FMMC0106Z-F11 Discussion (Smith)

Fall 2010

FMMC0106A-F10 Lecture (Smith)
FMMC0106B-F10 Lecture (Smith)
FMMC0106Z-F10 Screening (Smith)

Fall 2009

FMMC0106A-F09 Lecture (Smith)

Fall 2008

FMMC0106A-F08 Lecture (Mitchell)