ENVS 1043

Water, Women, Justice Rsrch

Researching Women, Water, and Justice
In this course we will explore the process of launching a research project, with a focus on women, water, and justice. We will discuss the gender politics of water. We will then explore initial research processes, including problem identification, collecting community input, narrowing your focus, methods, data, and ethical concerns. Students will explore these issues through participation in the Environmental Contamination and Lactation Justice initiative, a research collaboration with the African American Breastfeeding Network (in Milwaukee). Students will conclude the course developing their own proposal on a women, water, and justice issue of particular interest to them. This course counts as an approved social science cognate for environmental studies majors.
Environmental Studies
Prog in Environmental Studies
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GSFS 1043 *


Winter 2019

ENVS1043A-W19 Lecture (Morrell)