ENVS 1041

Lake Champlain Watershed

Watershed Management for Lake Champlain: The Science and Policy of a "Wicked" Environmental Problem
In this course we will examine the scientific, political, and legal challenges that surround the “wicked problem” of nutrient pollution in Lake Champlain. We will take a multidisciplinary approach to understand the fundamental tenants of watershed management, the strategies available to address agricultural sources of pollution, and the ongoing legal battle over the future health of the lake. We will review scientific and technical reports, as well as primary materials with a focus on state and federal statutes and regulations. Class sessions will often feature round-table discussions with important stakeholders, including watershed scientists, attorneys, farmers, and state regulators. Students will work together to propose practical policies that can be applied locally. This course counts as an approved Social Science cognate toward fulfillment of the ES major cognate requirement.
Environmental Studies
Prog in Environmental Studies
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Winter 2019

ENVS1041A-W19 Lecture (Brooks)