ENVS 1024

Conserv. Land Mgmnt Practice

Conservation and Land Management in Practice
In this place-based course, we will investigate land conservation and resource management at numerous spatial scales centered on the northern forest of Vermont and New York. Studying the application of conservation tools and practices from site to landscape scales, we will explore issues including forest and wildlife management, recreational use, educational programming, public-private partnerships, and history of land conservation and use in these contested spaces. We will focus on three public-private conservation stories to glean local, regional, and national contexts and hear numerous perspectives on successes and challenges. Group projects will compare and contrast land conservation initiatives in other regions.
Environmental Studies
Prog in Environmental Studies
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GEOG 1024 *


Winter 2017

ENVS1024A-W17 Lecture (Hegman, Lapin)

Winter 2014

ENVS1024A-W14 Lecture (Hegman, Lapin)