EDST 0210

Sophomore Seminar/Liberal Arts

Sophomore Seminar in the Liberal Arts
This course is designed for sophomores who are interested in exploring the meaning and the purpose of a liberal arts education. To frame this investigation, we will use the question "What is the good life and how shall I live it?" Through an interdisciplinary and multicultural array of readings and films we will engage our course question through intellectual discussion, written reflection, and personal practice. There will be significant opportunities for public speaking and oral presentation, as well as regular writing assignments, including a formal poster presentation. Readings will include reflections on a liberal arts education in the U.S. (Emerson, Brann, Nussbaum, Oakeshott, Ladsen-Billings, bell hooks); on "the good life" (excerpts from Aristotle, sacred texts of different traditions); on social science analyses of contemporary life; texts on the neuroscience of happiness; as well as literary and cinematic representations of lives well-lived.
Education Studies
Education Studies
Social Sciences
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INTD 0210 *


Spring 2019

EDST0210A-S19 Seminar
EDST0210B-S19 Seminar
EDST0210C-S19 Seminar

Fall 2018

EDST0210A-F18 Seminar
EDST0210B-F18 Seminar
EDST0210C-F18 Seminar

Spring 2018

EDST0210A-S18 Seminar (Berg)
EDST0210B-S18 Seminar (Wells)
EDST0210C-S18 Seminar (Miller-Lane)

Fall 2017

EDST0210A-F17 Seminar (Miller-Lane)
EDST0210B-F17 Seminar (Evans)
EDST0210C-F17 Seminar (Young)

Spring 2017

EDST0210A-S17 Seminar (Miller-Lane)
EDST0210B-S17 Seminar (Evans)

Fall 2016

EDST0210A-F16 Seminar (Millier)
EDST0210B-F16 Seminar (Schine)

Spring 2016

EDST0210A-S16 Seminar (Miller-Lane)
EDST0210B-S16 Seminar (Zupan)
EDST0210C-S16 Seminar (Zupan)

Fall 2015

EDST0210A-F15 Seminar (Millier)
EDST0210B-F15 Seminar (Evans)

Spring 2015

EDST0210A-S15 Seminar (Millier)
EDST0210B-S15 Seminar (Zupan)

Fall 2014

EDST0210A-F14 Seminar (Evans)
EDST0210B-F14 Seminar (Miller-Lane)

Spring 2014

EDST0210A-S14 Seminar (Miller-Lane)
EDST0210B-S14 Seminar (Zupan)