ECSC 0400

Senior Thesis Research Seminar

Senior Thesis Research Seminar
This seminar will focus on methods and strategies for completing advanced geological research and provides a springboard for senior thesis research. Topics will include field and laboratory techniques, primary literature review, and scientific writing. Students taking this course are expected to be simultaneously working on the early stages of their senior thesis research. During the semester students will present a thesis proposal and the seminar will culminate with each student completing a draft of the first chapter of their senior thesis. ECSC 0400 is required of all geology majors. 3 hrs. disc. or lab (formerly GEOL 0400)
Earth & Climate Sciences
Earth & Climate Sciences
Natural Sciences
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GEOL 0400


Spring 2024

ECSC0400A-S24 Lecture

Fall 2023

ECSC0400A-F23 Lecture (Ryan)

Fall 2022

ECSC0400A-F22 Lecture (Jacobel)