ECSC 0392

Modern Climate Seminar

Modern Climate Seminar
An advanced seminar for students with prior work in physical science of Earth's climate. We will survey current climate change research by reading, discussing, and writing about scientific literature. Assessment reports such as the US National Climate Assessment will form the foundation of our discussions. At the conclusion of this course, students should be able to (1) read scientific papers, (2) identify key open questions in climate science research, and (3) relate scientific findings to common societal questions about climate action. 3hr seminar. (GEOL 0202, ECSC 0202, GEOL 0302 or ECSC 0302).
Earth & Climate Sciences
Earth & Climate Sciences
Natural Sciences
Requirements Fulfilled:


Fall 2024

ECSC0392A-F24 Seminar (Ultee)

Spring 2023

ECSC0392A-S23 Seminar (Ultee)