ECSC 0375

Physical Volcanology

Physical Volcanology
In this course, we will detail one of the fundamental geologic processes acting across the Solar System – volcanism. We will study the fundamental principles that underlie volcanism, the different expressions observed at the surface, and predict what types of volcanism are expected under various conditions. We will integrate insights from observations, theory, and modelling to form a cohesive understanding of volcanic principles. This will entail why and how volcanism occurs, the formation of igneous rock, and the incorporation of volcanic deposits into the rock record. Likewise, we will use our terrestrial understanding as a jump off point to explore volcanic processes on other planets. A final project will invite students to apply the fundamental principles of volcanology learned during the semester to critically examine an active area of volcanology, develop the skills to critically analyze scientific data and literature, and effectively communicate their findings. (MATH 122 and two 200-level courses in GEOL/ECSC, or permission of instructor. Recommended ECSC 0311 or GEOL 0311 or ECSC or GEOL 0322)
Earth & Climate Sciences
Earth & Climate Sciences
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Fall 2023

ECSC0375A-F23 Lecture (Peters)
ECSC0375Z-F23 Discussion (Peters)