ECSC 0202

Climate Dynamics

Climate Dynamics
In this course we will explore the interconnected components of Earth’s climate system, the laws governing their dynamics, and their changes over time. We will describe how we gather information about Earth’s climate and how we know it is changing. In a weekly laboratory, we will analyse real data and apply simple numerical models to draw conclusions about phenomena in the atmosphere, ocean, ice sheets, and more. A major goal of this course is for students to gain confidence in quantitative methods for studying the Earth system. Prereq: any 100-level course in ECSC. (ECSC majors or with instructor approval) Lecture/lab. (formerly GEOL 0202)
Earth & Climate Sciences
Earth & Climate Sciences
Natural Sciences
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Equivalent Courses:
GEOL 0202
GEOL 0221


Spring 2024

ECSC0202A-S24 Lecture
ECSC0202Y-S24 Lab
ECSC0202Z-S24 Lab

Fall 2022

ECSC0202A-F22 Lecture (Ultee)
ECSC0202Z-F22 Lab (Ultee)