ECSC 0111

Natural Hazards

Natural Hazards
Despite increasing technological sophistication, modern civilization remains vulnerable to natural hazards such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, flooding, landslides, extraterrestrial impacts, and other events. In this course we will consider the geologic mechanisms behind these hazards, the societal implications of these hazards, and approaches to reducing risk. Case studies will be combined with exploration of fundamental geologic concepts to provide students a foundation for understanding risk exposure and evaluating approaches to hazard management. (Not open to students who have taken GEOL 0112 or 0170) 3 hrs. lect./1 hr. disc. (formerly GEOL 0111)
Earth & Climate Sciences
Earth & Climate Sciences
Natural Sciences
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Equivalent Courses:
ECSC 0170
GEOL 0170
ECSC 0112 *
GEOL 0111
ECSC 0142
GEOL 0112


Fall 2024

ECSC0111A-F24 Lecture (Ultee)

Spring 2024

ECSC0111A-S24 Lecture (Peters)

Fall 2023

ECSC0111A-F23 Lecture (Ultee)

Spring 2023

ECSC0111A-S23 Lecture (Ultee)
ECSC0111B-S23 Lecture (Peters)