ECON 0475

Monetary Theory/Financial Inst

Monetary Theory and Financial Markets
This seminar is concerned with financial markets and their relationship to the broader macroeconomy, with a particular focus on recent developments, including, but not limited to, financialization. (ECON 0250) 3 hrs. sem. (L. Davis)
Social Sciences
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:


Fall 2017

ECON0475A-F17 Seminar (Davis)

Spring 2017

ECON0475A-S17 Seminar (Davis)

Spring 2016

ECON0475A-S16 Seminar (Davis)

Fall 2015

ECON0475A-F15 Seminar (Davis)

Spring 2015

ECON0475A-S15 Seminar (Davis)

Fall 2014

ECON0475A-F14 Seminar (Davis)

Fall 2012

ECON0475A-F12 Seminar (Pardee)
ECON0475Y-F12 Lab (Pardee)
ECON0475Z-F12 Lab (Pardee)

Fall 2011

ECON0475A-F11 Seminar (Pardee)
ECON0475Y-F11 Lab (Pardee)
ECON0475Z-F11 Lab (Pardee)

Fall 2010

ECON0475A-F10 Seminar (Pardee)
ECON0475Y-F10 Lab (Pardee)
ECON0475Z-F10 Lab (Pardee)

Fall 2009

ECON0475A-F09 Seminar (Pardee)
ECON0475Y-F09 Lab (Pardee)
ECON0475Z-F09 Lab (Pardee)

Fall 2008

ECON0475A-F08 Seminar (Pardee)
ECON0475Y-F08 Lab (Pardee)
ECON0475Z-F08 Lab (Pardee)

Fall 2007

ECON0475A-F07 Seminar (Pardee)
ECON0475Y-F07 Lab (Pardee)
ECON0475Z-F07 Lab (Pardee)

Fall 2006

ECON0475A-F06 Seminar (Pardee)
ECON0475Z-F06 Lab (Pardee)

Fall 2005

ECON0475A-F05 Seminar (Pardee)
ECON0475Z-F05 Lab (Pardee)

Fall 2004

ECON0475A-F04 Seminar (Pardee)
ECON0475B-F04 Seminar (Pardee)
ECON0475Y-F04 Lab (Pardee)
ECON0475Z-F04 Lab (Pardee)

Fall 2003

ECON0475A-F03 Lecture (Pardee)
ECON0475B-F03 Lecture (Pardee)
ECON0475Y-F03 Lab (Pardee)
ECON0475Z-F03 Lab (Pardee)